These are recent – and fairly typical - queries on Zanran. Normally there will be many results for any given query and this allows users to get a bigger picture not only of the range of data available, but also of relevant sources.

Health & safety

Much of this data is around accident and injury statistics

Business & markets

These examples are based on consumption and markets

Industry & manufacturing

This is concered with production and outputs in a range of sectors from mining and extraction to chemicals and manufacturing. It excludes agricultural production (see below)


This is agricultural production viewed either from the perspective of a single country or state of globally. It excludes the subsequent processing of the food/crop production.

Demographic & social statistics

These examples include not only demographic data, but also employment, unemployment, poverty and crime statistics.

Medical & scientific

Much medical and scientific data is behind paywalls and not accessible to the Zanran crawlers. However Zanran still has millions of medical and scientific graphs that are publicly available


Zanran receives a lot of queries on environmental pollutants, especially atmospheric ones. Here are some examples.


Zanran is good for finding economic data across most countries. Much up-to-the-minute data is only available on private data feeds – which Zanran does not have access to.